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Discover 63 Bohemian Hairstyles

July 06, 2020 8 min read

Bohemian Hairstyles

Are you looking for a new look for this season? Why not try a bohemian hairstyle? Today, a natural and healthy lifestyle is more and more popular. People bring back 70s fashion trends and bohemian hairstyles. Hairstyles in particular are very popular right now. It’s not like your mother’s bohemian style either, these looks have evolved into styles that are not only creative, modern but above all, beautiful.

Bring the freshness of the Bohemian style. The sky is the limit for this kind of style. We have bohemian hairstyles for all styles and a huge amount of different buns and braids.

Be creative with your hair. Experiment and create your own styles.

Take a look at these 63 bohemian chic hairstyles:

1. Braids in Y

You're sure to be the talk of the party with this gorgeous Y-shaped braid. We love it because it is one of the most beautiful looks on this list; it is definitely a must-try this summer.

Y shaped Bohemian braids

2. Loose braids

If you're looking for a fresh, natural style, you can't go wrong with this loose braid. Braids are perfect for events because they always keep your look together.

Loose Bohemian braids

3. Long and loose

Another great bohemian style is the drooping Y braid. A simple look that is not complicated to make, and yet can give you an incredible look, especially combined with an accessory like a beautiful flower crown.

Long and loose Y braids

4. Crown braid

One of the most popular bohemian styles is the braid crowning the head. We like that there is also a fairly large one at the end.

5. Messy bun

Messy buns are always a great choice of style and this one has a woven fishtail braid. This style is what you could wear at your next event.

Messy fishtail braids

6. Thick braid

An excellent style that is both messy and romantic. It can be a casual or formal look; it is clearly versatile.

Messy and thick romantic braids

7. Free waves

There are certain elements that you are always sure to find in bohemian styles, and it is loose waves and braids.

Free waves Bohemian style

8. Crown styles

Who needs accessories when you can use your hair to make a crown. It's a very unusual style, but if you are looking for originality, this is the perfect style.

Crown shaped Bohemian braids

9. Formal aspect

Even bohemian styles can be used for formal events. It's a striking style that will make you feel amazing all night. Get great accessories to complete the look.

Formal event braids

10. Small braids

This style is left free except for a few braids. If you are looking for a casual style, this may be the style you are looking for

Casual small Bohemian braids

11. Beautiful braid

It is an unusually shaped braid, but it is very cool. We love that there is also a ponytail style. You will feel like you are fashionable wearing this bohemian look.

Ponytail Bohemian braids

12. Double bun

This casual style has two buns on top to create a fresh new look. This style is versatile so you can wear it casually or at your next event.

Double buns Bohemian braids

13. Stunning braids

A braided style that you will love throughout the spring. Try some of these styles to see what best suits your personality. You could spend the whole summer trying on different styles that will enhance your new look.

Casual Bohemian braids

14. Hairstyle with accessories

This is a bold choice for anyone looking for a bohemian style. We love the Y braid and all the floral accessories. Cattails have always created beautiful looks that are sure to attract attention.

Y shaped Bohemian braid with accessory

15. Short styles

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't have an amazing style with this bohemian vibe. We love the messy look with the braid incorporated into the style.

Short Bohemian braid

16. Disordered styles

Another great example of a messy bun with a braid. These bohemian styles are often romantic and messy because it is the relaxed feeling of this particular style.

Disordered Bohemian braid

17. Tiny braids

All you need is a few braids to complete this breathtaking style. If you want to keep your look relaxed for the day, try this awesome style.

Tiny Bohemian braid

18. The ultimate Bohemian

When most people think of the bohemian style, that's usually going through their head. We have a crown braid, a few loose waves and even braids.

Crownlike Bohemian braid

19. Messy braid

Aren't these braids so beautiful? We love these styles. We love the way this braided ponytail is pulled from side to side. He creates a new look that is sure to be talked about at any event you attend.

Messy Bohemian braid

20. Partial ascent

If you are looking for a simple style for a laid back day, then you can't go wrong with this one. This partial updo is a very simple style and yet very pretty.

Partial Ascent Bohemian braid

21. Wonderful style

If you are looking for a style that you can wear to an event, this is the one for you. It will take a lot of hair to create this thick ponytail, so if you don't have it, invest in this hair extension.

Wonderful Ponytail Bohemian braid

22. Bohemian ponytail

A bohemian ponytail is a messy style that has a crown braid. This style can be worn casually or for an event. We love these messy styles, and there is a lot of creativity in this style that will amaze everyone.

Messy Crown Ponytail braid

23. Celebrity style

A breathtaking style that Blake Lively has been vibrating for years. She knows how to recognize a magnificent style when she sees it. Anyone who loves a lively style would be happy with is style because it'd follow his trend.

Celebrity Bohemian braid

24. Inside Out Ponytail

A style you will definitely like because it is unique. You won't find too many ponytails cooler than this. Try it out and see if it will suit the look you want to adopt this season.

Inside out Bohemian braid


25. Wide braids

Another large braided ponytail that is sure to steal the show.

Wide Bohemian braid

26. Disordered appearance

This messy style has a fairly remarkable braided crown that turns into a much larger braid. These styles are very cool and would be perfect for any event.

Disordered Bohemian braid

27. Gold accessory

You can take a simple style and make it extraordinary with the right accessories.

Bohemian braid with Gold accessory

28. Pigtail hairstyle

Nothing beats pig mats for a day at the beach or a day of shopping. These upside down braids are gorgeous, and it's not just an everyday style.

Pigtail gorgeous Bohemian braid

29. Bold styles

Another great crowning style, but this time they used twisted braids.

Bold Twisted Bohemian braid

30. Fresh appearance

A style that is both messy and elegant.

Fresh elegant Bohemian braid

31. Three braids

This style is very popular right now and it also gives you a very different look from the rest.

Three Braid Bohemian braid

32. Partial style

Another great partial style that is truly unique. We like this style because the braids are thick and they create a magic style.

Partial style Bohemian braid

33. Pretty simple

This bohemian style is pretty and romantic. If you want a precious look for your big day, it's here.

Pretty simple Bohemian braid

34. Lots of braids

This style has braids of all shapes and sizes to create a beautiful new look.

Many Bohemian braids

35. Simplicity of style

It's a simple style that you can wear anywhere.

 Simple style Bohemian braid

36. Stylish styles

With a look like this, you're sure to wow everyone at your next party.

Stylish Bohemian braid

37. Round braid

Bohemian hairstyles are perfect for a garden party or a summer wedding.

Round Bohemian braid

38. Long style

It really takes a lot of hair to create hairstyles like these. We love this unique braid on the side of the head.

Long braid

39. Thick and wide braid

A braid like this will certainly attract attention. It’s a simple style to create, and yet it’s so beautiful.

Thick and Wide braid

40. Messy and beautiful

Another great example of a messy stylethat has some pretty braids.

Messy and Beautiful Bohemian braid

41. Glamorous look

It's proof that even a simple braid can become magic and glamorous.

Glamorously looking braid

42. Simple and pretty

Another beautiful looking simple extension that would easily meet your needs.

Simply Pretty Bohemian braid

43. Braided crown

You might feel like you're back in the 60s and 70s with this romantic hairstyle. We love braided accessories that work as a headband.

Braided Crown braid

44. Fishtail hairstyle

An awesome style that is super awesome. Y braids are very popular for this kind of style. You're going to love rocking it this summer.

Y braid Fishtail Bohemian braid

45. Formal elements

A superb look with superb accessories for your next event.

Formal element braid accessory

46. Formal updo

A style that will please you wherever you go. Just because a bun is messy doesn't mean it won't look amazing at an official event.

Formal Messy braid

47. Standard style

Another fine example of a short style with a pretty impressive braid.

48. Magnificent design

If you are looking for a show stop style for your next event, you should try this romantic and magical style.

49. The Tasseled look

A style that is simple and sweet.
If you like to keep things natural, then this is a great style for you.

Tasseled Bohemian braid

50. Impactful style

This style is so amazing because of its length. You need a lot of hair to get such a gorgeous style. We like the loose parts of the hair that create a very romantic atmosphere.

Romantic Impactful braid

51. Beautiful ponytail

Part of what makes this style so amazing is the style. But we can't discredit the wilt of the frozen coloring. This is surely what makes this style phenomenal.

Beautiful ponytail Bohemian braid

52. Soft style

A simple and breathtaking all in one style.

Simple soft Bohemian braid

53. Matching style

If you are looking for matching styles for your bridal party or even just a girls' night out, then you can't go wrong with these stunning styles. You and your girls are sure to be as beautiful as you want for the big day.

Matching style braids for night out

54. A relaxed style

If you are looking for a new look that you can wear to the beach or a barbecue this summer, look no further than this style.

Summer relaxed Bohemian braid

55. A bold braid

A thick braid around the crown that creates a very different look for you this season.

Bold thick Crownlike braid

56. Romantic braid

It looks like they're trendy when it comes to ceremonies or weddings. They exude a romantic atmosphere that will make you feel magical all-day.

Romantic braid for wedding

57. Upper braid

Such styles are breathtaking because of their originality. There is no doubt that you will turn heads wherever you go in this style.

Upper Bohemian braid

58. Sweet twists

Twisted braids are always beautiful when you want a messy style. These types of styles don't take time to create at all.

Twisted Messy Bohemian braid

59. Fish tail

Another simple style that incorporates fishtail braids into your look. They are ample and magnificent, the perfect look for a simple day.

Fishtail braid

60. Corrugated braid

If you are looking for a great updo for your next prom, you can't go wrong with a style like this. It is loose with a few waves, and the accessories are to die for.

Corrugated braid with accessory, perfect for prom

61. Simple but breathtaking

A braid is all you need for a style as amazing as this. It's so simple and yet you will likely receive compliments throughout the night. We also appreciate the wonderful color change at the bottom. Sometimes a color change is all you need for a new look.

Simply fantastic Bohemian braid

62. Multiple styles

Two very different styles but which are also similar. One is looser while the other has braids. These styles are elegant and romantic, great choices for your next big event.

Loose and braided hairs

63. Vaggy and loose

Sometimes leaving your hair free with a little wave is all you need for a bohemian style. Loose and casual styles are all you need for your look.

Vaggy and Loose style braid

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