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Mix Your Style | The Kimono for a chic hippie look

July 13, 2020 2 min read

Bohemian Kimono styles for outings

The bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend. It is a culture on its own, a culture that is accompanied by a very specific ideology and a complex history. Although it is closely associated with the hippie fashion of the 60s and 70s, nowadays, bohemian fashion is part of the dominant culture. Bohemian fashion started as a counterculture in the 19th century, and today, the wide variety of clothing and bohemian accessories makes it a real phenomenon. This style follows the lines of effortless and relaxed fashion, with its loose clothing, casual accessories, and a jumble of artistic and creative elements.

Fashions labeled as bohemian represent the lifestyle ideology that accompanies them: an alternative to the traditional way of dressing, associated with an equally alternative, more liberated lifestyle and a social position against everything from materialism to constraints of society.

Characteristic of bohemian clothes

Bohemian Clothe

Bohemian clothes are clothes that seek comfort and simplicity. They are usually large and often use floral patterns and natural colors such as pastel colors.

The fabrics used for bohemian clothes are natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk. In bohemian culture, the use of natural and environmentally friendly products is important.

Bohemian clothing consists mainly of skirts, dresses, and light tops. The most characteristic of the bohemian style is the floral print clothes, white dresses, comfortable clothes, and lace. All combined with floral accessories and costume jewelry.

What about the kimono?

Bohemian Kimono styles

Well, the kimono takes a lot of dress code from the bohemian culture. Ample, with a colorful and often floral pattern, and with quality natural fabric (mainly silk).

The kimono, although of Japanese origin, is a piece that can be used for an original bohemian style. The kimono also gives an exotic and open-minded effect on the world, totally in line with the bohemian culture. Gypsies more and more use the kimono because the style given by the kimono is very close to the bohemian style. If you decide to try the kimono, we advise you to combine it with a nice flower crown and costume jewelry to get a trendy hippie chic look.

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