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What jacket to wear with a long dress?

September 07, 2020 3 min read

What jacket to wear with a long dress?

The long dress, a timeless piece to be worn throughout the seasons.

Once the softness of spring has returned, you can't wait to get out of your dressing room this long dress that gives you a dream figure... Or autumn is coming and you don't want to put this beautiful timeless piece of your wardrobe back in the closet.

And this is quite normal, because the long dress, in addition to being elegant and feminine, is also practical and comfortable.

Plus, it's suitable for all body types! So you want to wear it for as long as possible, despite the cool outside temperatures.

But don't worry, the long dress, a very trendy piece for the summer, can be worn both before and after the season by combining it judiciously with a jacket.

But which one to choose? Depending on the style of your dress, matching your long dress with the right jacket can quickly turn out to be a real headache. We'll help you figure it out...

long dress with long jacket leather jacket jeans jacket and suede jacketLong Dress with Long Jacket | Leather | Jeans | Suede - Source: Pinterest

The bohemian dress, elegant and practical in everyday life

A terribly romantic retro piece, the bohemian-style dress is a perfect combination of casualness and glamour. If you are an artist or a dreamer, this type of dress is for you!

Inspired by the hippie fashion of the 60's and 70's, it is often very colourful and inspires joie de vivre. Very practical, it gives a touch of elegance to your everyday clothes, while allowing you to be comfortable, because it is often ample.

Whether with floral, herringbone or geometric prints, it is fluid and light, whether it is slit or not. It should therefore be associated with the right jacket, in solid colours, but also with the right accessories.

Bohemian Dresses

The short jacket, to mark the waist

This type of dress goes very well with short jackets that structure the silhouette by visually marking the waist. Associate its colour with your dress, giving preference to plain colours.

If necessary, choose a very light pattern, barely perceptible to the eye by playing on the monochrome. Very fashionable, you will easily find this type of jacket in many colours and different materials.

Leather perfecto for an irresistibly rock look

Long Dress with Hippie Boheme Leather JacketSource: Pinterest

To sling a little bit the blue flower style of a colourful patterned dress, what better than a black leather perfecto to break the codes. By daring this association, you're sure to get a rock and glamour look. You can't resist it...

To push this combination even further, we combine it with leather boots. On the other hand, avoid jewellery with nails.

The suede jacket, for a hippie look

Camel-coloured, this jacket is a perfect match for the ethnic style of the long dress. You don't hesitate to wear it with a pair of boots of the same colour, or better yet, sandals with jewellery set on them, very fashionable.

For the hairstyle, one braids one's hair and displays a discreet headband as well as coloured jewellery. For those who want to play the retro card to the fullest, we wear the popular hippie-era fringe bag.

The denim jacket, for a casual look

Trendy Hippie Chic 2020 Jacket

A must-have piece of our wardrobe, the denim jacket is the essential basic that goes with everything. With different shades, from the lightest to the darkest, there's something for everyone.

Indispensable, it gives your bohemian dress an urban and casual style. It is therefore easy to wear it on a daily basis. To spice up your outfit, creole earrings should do the trick...

The long, flowing, solid-coloured dress

Often worn at fancy parties or weddings, the plain long dress embodies elegance and femininity.

Unlike the bohemian dress, which appreciates flat shoes and square heels, you may prefer with dizzying heels.

But, in addition to lending itself to one-off events that require you to be well dressed, you can also wear it on a daily basis. Simply combine it with a more casual jacket.

The perfecto in black or coloured leather, for a rebellious look

Just like the bohemian dress, the perfecto adds spice to a too wise look. You can play with colour, opt for an unstructured hairstyle or a bun with a tousled effect.

To brighten up the whole, an ethnic necklace should finish to break the too smooth aspect of an outfit that is now rock chic.

The oversized blazer, for a tomboy look

Borrowed from the men's locker room, the blazer jacket can be worn over a long dress for a party as well as in everyday life.

Choose the oversize for a trendy look. And as the dress is plain, you can play with the combination of colors or patterns.

This style of jacket allows an advantageous contrast between a very feminine dress and a piece with a strong masculine connotation.

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