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What shoes to wear with a long dress?

August 06, 2020 4 min read

Boots with long dress

Wearing a long dress is very trendy. It's the piece to have in your dressing room all year round. But in order not to make a taste mistake, you have to choose how to make it stand out. The dress has the particularity of being a complete outfit on its own. Of course, you can accessorize it according to your desires, but all you have to do is choose a nice pair of shoes to finalize your style. Now, for a pretty outfit, which shoes to wear with your long dress? It will depend on your character and your preferences. Will you choose the 100% feminine option with high heels or rather a flat and comfortable model? Do you prefer the appearance of a model or its practicality? In this article we give you all our tips to help you decide.

Boots with or without heels for a bohemian style

Shoes with long bohemian dress

With a Bohemian Dress and to accentuate your feminine side, you can combine it with heeled boots. Small suede boots, or a beautiful leather model, will give you a retro look, and some boots have a pin-up look. If you're short, heeled boots will refine your silhouette. If you're short, high heels will make you look more slim and look good. You'll look a few inches taller. The height of the heels should make you feel comfortable. You can wear very high heels if you are used to them. But two to three centimetre heels are enough to slim the figure and give a feminine look. If you don't like walking in heels, it will be easier and more pleasant for you. High heels assert your femininity with class.

But you can also choose a flat model. Leather, lace-up, black, brown or red boots, for example, will give you a rock 'n' roll touch. Boots decorated with fringes or colourful embroidery will add a touch of bohemian fantasy. There are also more original coloured boots. To liven up a pair of classic boots, colourful laces will make you stand out. Ultimately, it depends on what you want to stand out from the crowd and on your personality. 

Sandals with a summer dress

Boheman sandals

If the boots are perfect during the fall-winter season, sandals will accompany your summer dress. Plus, it will give you a chic look. Flat barefoot shoes are comfortable and suitable for a long walk. If you choose to wear your dress for an evening out, sandals with heels will look great. Boho chic fashion offers fancy models with pompoms, coloured beads or braided straps. But you will find more minimalist and discreet models. Simple mules give a casual look and provide perfect comfort. In the summer, the shoes are multicoloured or in neutral tones. If your outfit is sober, a very colourful model will give it pep. On the contrary, a very colourful or patterned dress can be embellished with neutral sandals. Barefoot shoes with rope soles are trendy with their natural side.

Sneakers for a casual look

Sneakers with long bohemian dress

Wearing sneakers with a dress isn't a bad taste far from it. It's the comfort and modernity option. You are displaying an urban and trendy femininity. Associating a dress with sneakers allows you to assert your non-conformist side. Where one would expect you to wear small shoes, you surprise. Sneaker models offer a wide variety of choices. If you want to gain a few centimetres in comfort, wedge sneakers are your best allies.

If the weather is soft, choose a nice canvas model. Do you feel like being fanciful? Then, fabric sneakers printed with floral motifs and shimmering colours will celebrate the arrival of spring and will make you feel good. If you prefer a classic and sportier model, specialist brands often create very fine and feminine products. A tip: some sneakers are sold with a ribbon instead of laces. To make any pair of sneakers look girly, replace the laces with a satin ribbon in a colour that matches your long dress. Guaranteed effect!

Ballerinas: simplicity and elegance

Ballerinas go with any outfit, and that's why we love them. Simple, essential, comfortable and feminine, wear them with your dresses and skirts, long or short. The basic models embody simplicity and discreet elegance. But in recent years, designers have been able to compete in originality in this area. Very often, they are adorned with a big bow, or with a light satin flower, or with fringes and pompoms, for a bohemian chic look. The colours are so varied that it is difficult to choose. Flashy tones cohabit with browns and blacks. Red or polka dot ballerinas give you a pin-up look, which will look great with a dress in the same spirit for a retro style. But a pair of ballerinas, very simple, beige, white or black, decorated with a few pearls with a plain dress will give you a more casual look. As for the powder pink ballerinas, or with a soft fabric flower, they are the favorite shoes of the romantic in you.

The choice of your shoes depends on your style of clothing

Bohemian Dress

    The choice of the model to be associated with your long dress depends on the look you wish to adopt:

    • for a feminine silhouette, models with heels are to be preferred: boots, booties, sandals. From the bohemian, retro chic, to the most classic look, they will suit all women;
    • if you want to have a more urban look, bet on sneakers, colour and shape will set the tone: thin and feminine, in canvas and practical, more classic for the sporty ones. They energize an outfit;
    • if you want a rocking look, opt for black or red boots or booties;
    • flat models such as ballerinas ensure a certain comfort and are to be adapted to your personality; whimsical, classic, casual, romantic.

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