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What to wear under a see-through white dress?

September 24, 2020 3 min read

What to wear under a see-through white dress?

For the followers of the bohemian style, white, symbol of purity, goes well with this trend. If you like white, you have surely been confronted with a problem, transparency, because white brings out the other colours you wear underneath. Even more so if your white dress has a light and fine fabric.

So the question often comes up: "What to wear under a transparent white dress? Well, we have dissected for you, the tricks.

Very white dresses

1. A see-through dress? There is always a solution!

a. The dress is transparent at the bottom only


What if you wore a petticoat? So it may sound a bit old-fashioned and not very glamorous, but who's going to notice it but you?

To do so, the dress still has to be a little thick. Also pay attention to the length. If your dress is long, adapt the petticoat. It should be at least up to the knees for you to be comfortable and it should also be your size, neither too wide nor too tight so that you feel free to move around.

If, on the other hand, your white dress is short, the petticoat should not protrude because it looks "neglected". If you only have a long petticoat, don't worry! You can pull it up to the chest.

If you don't have a petticoat, you can get a body suit or white leggings.

Several white dresses

b. The dress is transparent on the top as well

A white bra or bodysuit will do. You'll erase the bra line.

c. The dress is ultra transparent, even veiled?

You can combine it with a white babydoll as well. This will give it an elegant look.

Be careful though, although wearing white under the dress may seem ideal, you will see the seams and the mark. We advise you the flesh and beige colors which will balance the fabric.

In summer, to prevent your thighs from rubbing against leggings that are too tight. You can also wear under your white dress a shorty if the dress is short or a wide enough bermuda shorts if the dress is long.

2. Elements to be banned when wearing a transparent white dress


Soyez audacieuse, mais en gardant une touche d'innocence. Grâce à vous, les femmes n'auront plus peur de s'habiller en blanc ! Faîtes de cette blancheur la tendance de l'été ! Et si comme nous vous adorez les robes blanches, alors jetez un oeil a notre collection de robe blanche bohème.

Avoid lace underwear or knots as this can be seen even through a lined white dress. In lingerie shops, there are undergarments that imitate the skin, i.e. without elastics, which will not mark. Because white clothes, in addition to being often transparent, let the seams of the underwear appear and strongly marks the silhouette!

Moreover, if you decide to wear only a bra, give preference to wide straps and if possible, with balconette braces that will enhance your breasts.

One last detail: If your dress has a bare back, it wouldn't be elegant to wear a bra or choose one that clips around the neck and tucks your hair down. It will be more discreet.

Be bold, but keep a touch of innocence. Thanks to you, women won't be afraid to dress in white anymore! Make this whiteness the trend of the summer! And if, like us, you love white dresses, then take a look at our bohemian white dress collection.

Bohemian white dresses

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