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What to wear with a leather skirt?

September 28, 2020 2 min read

What to wear with a leather skirt?

Timeless piece if ever there was one, the leather skirt is part of the wardrobe of any self-respecting fashionista. Constantly updated, it keeps that sophisticated side that makes it a must in the wardrobe. Resolutely rock, you have the choice to soften your look or to further support your penchant for impertinence.

What to wear with a leather skirt? Which tops and shoes can you pair it with? We bring you some essential advice to avoid the famous "fashion faux-pas".

different style with leather dress

Leather, a noble material

Leather is a very good choice for clothing: its wear resistance is good and makes it a good investment for a wardrobe that lasts. It is easy to care for and does not require special care like silk or wool. The trick is to keep your garment dry, nourish the skin regularly and avoid stains - cleaning with white vinegar will certainly suffice. If you have vegan convictions, you can definitely turn to good quality imitation leather. 

dress style with colored leather dress

Which cut to choose for the leather skirt?

The classic skirt is straight or trapezoid shaped and reaches mid-thigh. From this base, several styles have been declined: it has been taken up with the "pencil" cut for a deliberately feminine style, or in a long version slightly pleated for a more marked trend. The skater cut is also possible, but beware, it tends to thicken the silhouettes.

Bohemian dresses

What are the best combinations for a rock look?

If you like the rock side of the leather skirt, you can definitely play this card to the max. Its inseparable perfecto will end up giving your outfit a "bad girl" style, especially if you choose a pair of studded boots, which have been very trendy in recent seasons.

For the t-shirt, you'll have to look for the grungiest thing you have in your wardrobe: a top with the effigy of a rock band, a t-shirt with an offbeat message. The pair of white sneakers will also be perfect to give a more streetwear style. We'll keep the casual style, but with a slight break with the rock side. Avoid the overload of accessories, the style of the leather skirt is already well cut.

lookbook of women wearing leather dress

How to wear a leather skirt while remaining sophisticated?

The occasion for which you want to wear your leather skirt is more formal? So choose pieces that will soften its grunge side: big knit tops, loose oversize sweaters and white shirts will give it a softer touch and give it a bohemian style. You can also choose a coloured skirt: khaki, camel or bottle green, the tones will soften the rock-attitude. For the jacket, a blazer will be perfectly coordinated. In winter, you can also combine it with a wool coat. Moccasins, flat boots or high heels depending on your silhouette, these shoes allow you to keep a sophisticated look, perfect for the office or a professional appointment.


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