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What to wear with a white dress?

July 30, 2020 7 min read

white bohemian dress

Your white dress adjusted to your body shape (in I, A, X, 8, O, V, H) will match perfectly with any type of jacket. This is a very good thing to know, provided that you respect a certain small logic of chromatic association: take care not to take it in a too aggressive color which risks to carry a double prejudice. Firstly, there will be a loss of firstness in the shine of your dress and then a too angular, too square, let's say, impression that will stand out from your dress.

But whatever the season in which you wish to shine in all the magnificence of your feminine beauty, you have a range of multiple choices available to you. At Bohemian Fashion, we especially love bohemian style jackets because it goes well with a white dress.


Here are some examples of jackets you could wear:

  • Military Jacket: If you take the option of your military jacket as an example, it is remarkably fitting for a spring brunch with friends. It brings an offbeat touch that contrasts with the rigour of your marble dress.
  • Jacket with fringed sleeves : Your jacket with fringed sleeves placed over your bare-shouldered dress during your colleague's farewell party will singularly enhance the touch of gaiety and joyful celebration that one can professionally expect on such an occasion.
  • Blazer: As you leave for a city picnic with your long-time friends, your blazer highlights the woman in you both funky and slender in a decided moment of sharing and friendship.
  • Coat: Your coat is the element that protects your draped dress to accompany you to your appointment in a café in the middle of the harsh winter. You can also, if you feel like it, opt for a fur coat that adds radiant distinction to your walk. There is also the option of a collar coat to fuel your presence, giving it a surprising movie-star flavour.
  • Denim Jacket: Your denim jacket, which has the advantage of adapting to any type of moment when relaxation is required, has no equal to allow you to stroll among the booksellers of the Parisian quays of seine, in your superb flounced dress.
  • Parka: With its slender orthodoxy, your parka powerfully shelters your sweater dress during a meal around a cosy end-of-day campfire. Something to always remain elegant between cheese and dessert!
  • Vest: Consider putting your vest over your cocktail dress when you find yourself at an informal business lunch where proper decorum goes hand in hand with the prospect of signing juicy, promising "win-win" contracts.
  • Biker Jacket: Your biker jacket has no equivalent for dressing your straight dress and the entrepreneurial woman you are. The one who knows that only she can go fast, without forgetting that together she goes even further.
  • Trench coat: Your waterproof trench coat proves to be as useful as it is harmonious over your peasant style dress on days of fine purifying rain.
  • Aviator Jacket: Your monochrome aviator jacket in conjunction with your skater dress adds an elusive feature to an important working breakfast.
  • Doudoune : Your doudoune is in perfect harmony with your midi dress in order to get the well deserved snack of your charming children, after the last echoes of the bell of the primary school you went to.
  • Cardigan: Your mohair cardigan is just what you need, in line with your tank top dress to illuminate your aura during a relaxed yet serious interview.
  • Tweed jacket: Grabbing your tweed jacket is the right thing to do to highlight your shirt dress for a night out with your girlfriends.
  • Kimono: At last your kimono on your tight dress is a good catch, after your courageous workout whose rewards your body so appreciates.

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you a clean and fresh idea of the types of jackets that are available to you. Take the ones that give you the upper hand.
It's up to you to choose the style that suits you best!


What shoes with a white lace dress?

There are two schools for choosing a white colour for your shoes:

Some women think that they accentuate a silhouette that wishes to go unnoticed or to display a classic or even baroque style.

Others believe on the contrary that it is necessary to capture them in a completely different colour than white in order to put you ideally at your advantage.

Here, once again, you are the sole judge according to your personality, your psychology, your intention, and incidentally the climate. Summer is a season precisely conducive to the attraction of bright and showy colours. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself.

bohemian boots

Here are our shoe recommendations according to the seasons:

  • When summer warms your skin, adjust your chocolate-coloured wooden sandals, your royal blue espadrilles, your carmine clogs, your dark yellow spartans, your cauldron-toned leather flip-flops, your scarlet-fringed sandals, or your strawberry-coloured briefs.
  • To face the winter season and have a good time during your "casual" evenings, you can freely associate your marmoréen dress with your mahogany boots, your apricot western boots, your waders with anthracite heels, your auburn ugg boots, your cinnamon lace-up boots, your cocoa chelsea boots, or your flat boots with a metallic look (copper, bronze or pearly).
  • For the other two seasons or for prestigious occasions, it is preferable that you put on your black pumps, your café au lait derby shoes, your caramel-coloured moccasins, your mules in a garnet tone, your navy blue wedges, or simply your nude shoes.

What color underwear under a white dress?

The rule here is to do the 360-degree look in the mirror before you go out. Vigilance is to be observed especially in the consideration of the panties. Make several attempts at observation so that it is in accordance with your skin tone and in delightful discretion with your style. It is therefore preferable to favour opalescence, flesh colour, nude or pastel.

The same philosophy is to keep for your top underwear, your bra. The shape must be directly related to your dress, your cleavage and then the shape and thickness of your straps if they are present.

Try to create a certain "white romance" that leaves nothing poorly visible.

How do you make up with a white dress?

In principle, with such a dress, you can give yourself every conceivable make-up available on the cosmetics market.

You just have to try to break the pale aspect, which can eventually arise if you don't take the crease of crimping your pretty face with color. Nevertheless, you should use it sparingly and wisely. You have a range of many tools on which you have to press or on the contrary touch the highlight of your physiognomy. Red lipstickand red varnish are essential items that always have effects that seem eternally hypnotic to men and beyond. Since it is all about maximizing your natural seduction in a highly changing world at the same time.

Just as there are a variety of dermes, you have to take into account the palette of processes you can use: foundation, concealers, make-up powder that sets and mattifies, blush, eye shadow, white or flesh-coloured eye pencil, black eyelinerand mascara, eyebrow kit, and transparent gloss. Many bloggers detail their shades of use on the Internet. The most important thing is to understand that the best is the enemy of the good. So don't be a heavy hand when using these products. Simply sublimate the subtlety of your physique and your appearance.

How do you accessorize a white dress?

Once you've determined the milky dress that suits your curves, it becomes a captivating game to go through the maze of accessories you can get your hands on.

  • Jewellery: Take your necklaces, your earrings, your silver watch, your gold bracelets (wrist and ankle), your multiform pendants, your sequined scarf, your chic brooch, your rings (even prominent ones) and your tulle scarf.
  • Straw hat: For your head wearing, there is the right straw hat with your long dress for your afternoons in the countryside in the pastoral tranquility of our restful provinces.
  • Beret : Your beret is also adapted to this type of harsh environment which highlights your ample dress. You do not fear any unfortunate gale or your tight crochet dress.
  • Head-band: Your head-band adorns the sporty look of your milky sheath dress, when you rightly appreciate a good glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.
  • Bandana : Your bandana adds a touch of rock and roll to your v-neck long dress.
  • Ornate hat: Your ornate hat makes you look stunning in your fabulous tuxedo dress as soon as you arrive at a "party" of modern, rhythmic and good-natured music.
  • Wicker bag: You should not be prohibited from wearing your wicker bag for your personal belongings, depending on the circumstances.
  • Net bag: Your net bag can prove to be a determining factor when travelling by transport, dressed in your trapeze dress.
  • Pouch: The pouch gives a classy and bourgeois-bohemian tone to your satin babydoll dress: you reserve them for your muffled moments in the romantic glow of a candlelit dinner.
  • Tote Bag: Handymen opt for the tote bag in their adventurous peregrinations.
  • Shoulder bag: For a walk on the beach with your flared dress, take your shoulder bag instead, which allows freedom of movement in tune with the earthly elements.
  • Purse bag: The purse bag is a must when you have time to wander around the shops in town to do some shopping.
  • Handbag: Finally, the inseparable handbag is an unfailing companion when you go out in your tailor dress with a fleur-de-lis embroidery.
  • Belt: Depending on your size, choose a fitted leather or suede belt. If it doesn't fit snugly, then move towards your waist belt without a fuss.
  • Sunglasses: Of course, you can't help but mention that the choice of your sunglasses is crucial. Allow yourself all colors according to your taste and the color of your eyes. They reinforce the sunny aspect that comes from your presence dressed in part by the whiteness of your dress.

Give free rein to your freedom of mood and character. Create your white paradise with all these accessories that happily coalesce with your originality.

It is essential not to try to imitate others because you risk falling into a mimicry that transforms your accessories into trinkets!

That being said, keep in mind that as a last resort, and not least in the search for answers to the question posed in this section, the best asset is you !

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