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What top to wear with a skirt?

September 21, 2020 2 min read

What top to wear with a skirt?

To be elegant, it is necessary to choose the right clothing whether it is for everyday life or for a special occasion. The choice will depend on the season, your tastes and the style you wish to have. Many points can determine this choice. In this article, we will look at tops that can be chosen with a skirt. This garment knows different cuts. It is therefore necessary to associate it with a different top according to the style.

The type of top to choose according to the colour of the skirt

bohemian skirts and tunic

A skirt can be declined in different colors such as black, white, green, and many others. In specialty stores, you can find the model that suits your morphology and look. But what top to wear with a skirt? To answer this question, we must consider certain points. The first one concerns the color. If the skirt is of black color, it can marry with any type of top. For a professional appointment, it is advisable to opt for a black skirt with a high waist, long cut and close to the body. It can be accompanied by a blouse and pumps. On the other hand, you may decide to wear a tank top, a lace T-shirt, a blouse, a top, a jacket... for other occasions.

Moreover, for other skirt colors, the top to choose should be according to the morphology. The whole must be able to create a chic and glamorous style. If we choose the bohemian style for example, it is possible to wear a lace top over a flowery skirt. The bohemian skirt is usually embellished with canvas, crumpled cotton, graphic prints... The most trendy top to wear with this type of skirt is the cropped top.

Bohemian dresses

The top to choose according to the length of the skirt

bohemian skirts and blouse

The skirt is a very interesting garment because of its diversity of cuts and the styles it can offer to the outfit. It also comes in different lengths. Indeed, there are long skirts light and bohemian or thick and warm. For the first types, they should be combined with tops with a veil or lace effect for a look that is both simple and chic. As for the second types, the choice is adapted to the winter season to match with a coat or jacket. Afterwards, we can find models of mid-length skirts such as pencil skirts. These can be matched with a blouse mainly if they are high waisted. You can opt for a casual look with this type of skirt.

Finally, there are short skirts that are often made of jeans or cotton more or less thick. Concerning the top, it will depend greatly on the color and the season. In winter, you can wear a cashmere or turtleneck sweater over a short skirt. But in summer, you will have to prefer a tank top or a short sleeved T-shirt. To better design your waist, it should be tucked into the skirt.


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