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Which Outfit to choose for attending a Wedding ?

July 27, 2020 4 min read

bohemian boho wedding dress

Do you have a wedding ceremony on the schedule? Is it that of a relative, friend or colleague? Are you thinking about the ideal outfit to wear? Stop stressing! We all have a dressing room full of the most beautiful clothes. But as soon as the bell rings for an event, we're faced with a dilemma. How do we get out of it? What choice do you make? Find out in the rest of this article, how to choose your wedding outfit as a guest.

Take into account the dress code or wedding theme

When you receive the announcement sent by the bride and groom, don't just take note of the place and date of the event. You should find out if there is a theme chosen by the couple, or a dress code imposed. From this information, you will immediately have an understanding of the style and atmosphere that the wedding would reflect.

The dress code can be either a colour or a mandatory style that the bride and groom impose on their guests. With this rule, the task is easy for you because you are immediately fixed on one of these points "colour or style".

The theme of a wedding very often refers to the couple's meeting, their history, their journey, their religion, their culture or their common point. When the wedding theme is "the melodies of love" the first colour that comes to mind is red. You will imagine a romantic atmosphere, which will guide you on the style of clothing to adopt. For example, you can choose from your wardrobe a burgundy long princess dress in chiffon.

bohemian chic wedding dress

If you browse the map and there is no mention of a theme or code, that's fine. You are free to put whatever you want as long as it remains elegant and no more captivating than the bride. Please don't choose a white outfit because only the bride is in the spotlight. She is therefore the only one able to wear a white dress on this day. When there are no criteria, anything is possible except dark colors because it is a cheerful event. However, you can make a mix with a captivating top and black bottom or a black cocktail dress to which you will add brightly coloured accessories.

As far as style is concerned, dress in a glamorous outfit that will reflect your elegance and charm. Casual or casual outfits are therefore not welcome. To stay in conviviality with the bride and groom, look for a clue so that you don't completely deviate from the look they would have liked for their wedding style. For example, you can base your choice on the design of the announcement, its colour and even the location of the reception. Why would you say the location? The choice of your wedding outfit therefore depends on all these criteria.

Making the choice according to the season  

simple bohemian wedding dresses

For a wedding planned for winter, opt for wedding outfits with heavy materials such as wool, velvet, sheath dresses or tweed. Here to make your look worthy of a wedding, the emphasis will be on the colour of your outfit and accessories. Ideal winter colours are royal blue, midnight blue, ice blue, purple, duck blue, plum or pearl grey. You will get with these colours a glamorous and elegant touch. If you want to wear a short dress, you can accompany it with tights and accessorize it with pumps and jewels for a perfect style.

Summer is the time of year when prints and festive colours are perfect allies for a wedding. At this time of year it is best to opt for outfits with light and flowing materials. You can choose between soft and bright colours such as fuchsia pink, apricot or coral.

In autumn you should opt for outfits adaptable to any climate because this is the season of unpredictable weather. It would be better to plan a look composed of a pretty cape or a chic bolero. You are free to put them on when you arrive, but keep them on in case there is a change in the weather. Grey, gold, dark green, emerald green, garnet or plum pink are welcome.

Some ideas for wedding outfits

So to begin with, remember that the one to whom all eyes must be fixed is the bride! The choice of your outfit must therefore be within the norms so as not to steal the limelight from the happy of the day. Bling-bling dresses or excessively sequined clothes are out of the question. So what should you choose?

simple bohemian wedding dress

You can dare the combinations, it's a chic and comfortable style ideal for a wedding. In the absence of a dress, which is the most common style, the combination also has the power to bring out the elegance and allure desired for a wedding. Moreover, there is one for all morphologies, whether you are slender, small, round or thin, you will find one that suits you. All you had to do was choose refined or ultra-modern models to perfect your silhouette for a chic and glamorous look. Women with small breasts need to look at halter top suits for a sophisticated look. Wearing a lace jumpsuit would be an excellent choice for a wedding ceremony. Lace is a very refined material and is suitable for summer or winter.

Bohemian dresses have always had an effect on wedding ceremonies since the dawn of time. However, for a chic and elegant look, it is necessary to know how to choose the model, the colour and the material. You can opt for a red long stretch dress, halter neckline with a little floral touch on the shoulder for an irresistible look. Silk chiffon and velvet are also refined materials, especially when they are designed in sparkling colours. Whether you choose a short or long dress in these materials, you will be sublime.


Which of these outfits would you choose? Whichever you choose, rest assured that you will have the chic and elegant look you need for a wedding.

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