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Bohemian Tops

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Bohemian Tops 

Spring is coming with the sun and they're planning to boost our wardrobe! The beautiful days give a thirst for fluidity and lightness. To meet this irresistible desire, the famous Bohemian trend, born in the 2000s on the inspiration of the seventies, offers multiple possibilities for an ethnic and chic effect, which can be combined endlessly. Bohemian tops are particularly interesting to adopt a natural and neat style. Bohemian Fashion explains why to melt for the Bohemian trend and presents its collection.

The Bohemian, a must-have

Feminine, comfortable, romantic, adaptable, the Bohemian look has more than one argument in its bag for us to adopt it. It is based on floral prints, flowing materials, embroidery, lace and cuts flirting between the hippie and rock movements. This clever mix can be found in Bohemian Fashion's collection of little tops, evoking nature, travel and coolness.

Bohemian tops for all tastes and all body types.

Fluid blouse, vaporous tunic, light jacket, blouse with wide sleeves, bohemian kimono, tank top with delicate straps, embroidered top, with pompoms or fringes, bare shoulders, brassiere or openwork fabric... Bohemian Chic is suitable for all morphologies due to the diversity of the proposed cuts. It delights every woman according to her needs. Each piece adapts to any season and to every moment of life, whether professional, festive or relaxed.

Delicate tones that invite you to the sweetness of life.

The Bohemian style rhymes most of the time with neutral, light or powdery colours. White is a must. The Bohemian palette often also includes beige, brown, ecru, pastel and natural tones. More pronounced colours such as black, khaki, ochre and navy accentuate the chic effect. Bohemian fashion finds its originality in all its small characteristic details: embroidered flowers, pompom laces, plays on transparency, discreet nudity, etc.

A tendency to subtly distil

To highlight a Bohemian top, nothing is better than betting on sobriety for the rest of the look. Any jean bottom remains a safe choice: slim jeans, boyfriend or flared jeans, shorts more or less worn, short or long skirt. As an alternative to jeans, plain trousers are also a perfect match for a floral blouse or a lace tank top. As for shoes, the Bohemian look can be completed by sandals or boots. The only thing to watch out for is not to accumulate too many pieces of the Bohemian movement, otherwise you risk spoiling the expected effect. A Bohemian top highlighted as such, enhanced with a few accessories chosen in the trend, guarantees allure and style. It may be necessary to truly feel like a Bohemian woman, i.e. to adopt a free state of mind and embody the soul of a gentle rebel. Hair in the wind, wrapped in muslin or embroidered flowers, in search of a natural, inventive and alert life.

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