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Bohemian Wedding Dress

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The Bohemian Wedding Dress is on a roll!

Long gone are the days when the bride wore a corset and a meringue skirt. Today, the trend is towards bohemian weddings. Light yet sophisticated, the bohemian dress can be adapted to all styles of women, in all seasons and for all morphologies.

Selected materials

The focus is on movement

The bohemian wedding dress is above all light and always on the move. The materials are therefore not chosen at random. Forget rigid taffeta and heavy satin duchesses, and give pride of place to chiffons, fine and supple tulles, silk pongés and crepes with a perfect fall.

No bohemian wedding dress without lace!

Of course, lace! No bohemian wedding dress without lace. There are many different kinds. Whipped cream is very fine, those from Alençon have more distinct patterns... The varieties are infinite. On the bohemian dresses, the well marked patterns and the reliefs (3D lace) are the most fashionable and allow to create real dresses with character, which mark the spirits. These laces with well defined patterns allow to create "cutting" effects on the skin, reminiscent of a tattoo that sublimates the bride's body. The chic bohemian dress also plays with transparency. Lace of course, but also invisible tulle which allows extravagant décolletés or impressions of nudity while ensuring a perfect fit.

Emphasis on the back

It has become a must for wedding dresses in the last few years: the worked back. Big V's up to the waist, butterflies where the lace just comes on the shoulder blades, lace all in transparency, there is only the embarrassment of the choice.

A two-piece for your boho bridal gown, it's possible.


Fluidity and lightness are the key words of the bohemian chic style. The hooped skirt will therefore be rare (some exceptions nevertheless). The skirt can take any shape: close to the body, slightly flared or with a loose cut that will fall in a multitude of folds, creating movement that accentuates fluidity. We will find many layers of fluid tulle. This fetish material of the wedding dress has reinvented itself to adopt new codes and take the turn of modernity. The most romantic brides will opt for flowing fabrics such as crepe with a heavy fall, embellished with a chiffon over-skirt.

The tops

For tops, 2 schools: on the one hand, fluid tops (reserved for skirts close to the body or very slightly flared) that blouse at the waist or fall straight. We can then have a set of materials (lace and fabrics) that will enrich the outfit. We find in this type of top a spirit of the Roaring Twenties, very trendy and timeless at the same time. On the other hand, the fashion is also for tops that are very close to the body. Games of transparency and lace cut-outs on the skin. The very deep V-shaped necklines are ribbed, always dressed in lace or invisible tulle for comfort and fit.

For which morphology?

The bohemian dress adapts to the largest number of people, whatever your morphology. If you have hips, the slightly high sizes of this type of dress will be perfect, the large necklines will enhance the smaller ones, the blousant tops camouflage the small bellies, the sleeves will erase the slightly too wide shoulders. There is something for every figure, just find your own!

And the guests?

Your guests too can play the bohemian card with the same codes: fluid materials, large necklines, a little transparency. These outfits will be both chic and casual.

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