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1.    How can I order?

You can order easily using our online platform. When you find a product you need, you can add it to cart and go through the ordering process. 

2.    Why should I buy online?
By ordering online you will get prices faster and you will be able to go through order confirmation and payment process much faster. This could save days of your time.

Traceability: You will have easy access to all of your previous orders any time you want.

Reordering:  you can make a re-order anytime based on your previous orders by only couple of clicks. This will save time and effort as you don’t need to go through all the documents and emails from the past.

3.    What information should I input when ordering?
Our online ordering system will ask for all the important information you should submit. 

4.    What payment methods can I use?
You can use all the major credit cards.

5.    Is VAT charged?

6.    What should I do if the payment is not accepted?
Please try again in a little while. If the payment is still not accepted, please verify your account balance. If everything is as it should, but you still can't make the payment, please contact us at contact@bohemianfashion.store and notify us about the problem. We can manage the order manually.

7.    How can I change delivery address?
Sign in to your account and go to “my account”. On “my account” you can change all your contact information.

8.    What are the delivery charges?
Delivery charges are free.

9.    What are the terms and conditions?
You can see the terms and conditions in the terms and conditions page.

10.    How can I get offer of bulk amounts?
Contact us at contact@bohemianfashion.store and we will manage that for you.

11.    Can I cancel my order?
If you want to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible. If we have already processed your order, you need to contact us and return the product.

12.    Do you have the product in stock?

All the products which are shown on our site are available. 

13.    How to contact customer service?
If you have a question, please contact us at contact@bohemianfashion.store.

14.    Can I return a product?
Yes, please check our return policy.


15.    Can I track my order?
Yes, we will send you the tracking code if you want. Please contact us at contact@bohemianfashion.store.

16.    Shipping time?
Shipping time is on average less than a week.

17.    Shipping cost?
Shipping costs are 0.